Five Steps
in collaboration with Eric Mercer




11 self-help tapes, regarding the topic of improving one’s personal relationships;

Audio from above tapes, digitized & compiled into a simultaneous “all-at-once” stereo track;

Spike & Hoop;

PA System;

A couple, dressed as though
on a fancy date.


While the digitized audio plays through the PA system, the cassette tapes themselves are disemboweled and stretched between two stakes in the ground while held aloft in the center over the Spike & Hoop. The magnetic tape is twisted and bound into a unified strand.

Starting at opposite ends, each performer hand-crochets the tape towards the center.  Upon reaching the center and each other, the performers jointly bind their final stitches around the loop.  Each then takes up their respective end of crocheted tape, and re-crochets, repeating the center choreography, and then re-crocheting, until the tape has become too dense to work any longer.